Our teams at Madison Dental and Alexis Dental in Windsor and Belle River provide professional dental fillings to you and family members with cavities.

Why Do I Need A Filling?

A filling treats cavities. If left untreated the cavity can grow and enter into the nerve canal. 

Fillings may also be needed to replace or repair an old filling or to fix a chipped tooth.

Filling Process

Our dentists use composite fillings which consist of plastic and glass particles. These fillings have become popular because they can match your existing tooth color and they also solidly bond or glue to the tooth.

After the decay in your tooth has been cleaned, a cleansing gel is applied. Next a bonding solution is applied, followed by the composite filling material. We harden the filling by applying a high intensity blue light. It only takes a few seconds for the materials to harden.

We check the filling to ensure the proper shape and look. At this point any necessary adjustments are made and then your filling is complete.

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